Friday used to be my favorite day of the week. It is the start of the weekend, finally some time to do things that you cant during the week. I remember when I was younger I enjoyed the feeling of Friday, freedom finally! But I never went out with friends or anything like that, so it was pretty much boring, I just had this illusion of fun but it was never real. Now I realize that I still like Fridays because I don’t have to work the next day but my Fridays are basically go to work, come back home, maybe sleep, surf the internet, eat dinner, maybe watch TV, take a shower, and sleep. Very boring, very depressing but I realize that I was too much controlled and overprotected in the name of their god, they destroyed my life, I was never able to be free, now that I am, I don’t know how to be free and actually depression is not helping. Anyways… “happy” Friday.

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