How to make your own spray paint military stencil

I have a few of this steel ammo boxes to store stuff and recently I came up with the idea of labeling them using military-like stencils, I actually had to create them. Here is how to do it.

  1. Download a stencil font, for example Boston Traffic
  2. Type the text you want in any size you want
  3. Print it on paper
  4. Get stencil blanks
  5. Get spray adhesive
  6. Spray some adhesive on the backside of the printed paper and paste it over the film side of the blank stencil so that it can be easily taken off later.
    DIY_Stencil_ (1)
  7. Use a utility knife to cut the words out carefully

    DIY_Stencil_ (2)DIY_Stencil_ (3)
  8. Once done, peel off the film from the stencil blank, now your stencil is ready to be sprayed
  9. Spray some paint on a surface to test it
    DIY_Stencil_ (4)DIY_Stencil_ (5)DIY_Stencil_ (6)DIY_Stencil_ (7)

I am very happy with the results I didn’t spend too much on this project and came out very well. Hope you find this useful.


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