Monthly Archives: May 2015

World’s Airport Codes

I was looking for code of a specific airport the other day and I thought about posting a list of the airport codes for the U.S.A. and the world. In bold are the top 30 world’s busiest airports in 2012. I hope you find it useful. CITY COUNTRY CODE Aberdeen, SD USA ABR Abilene, TX USA ABI […]

I am a Jeep

I am a Jeep… I am a Jeep because I always choose the hard way. I am a Jeep because I can do what others can’t do. I am a Jeep because I am tough. I am a Jeep because I think that you’ll learn more by going off road rather than going on the […]

How to empty an Oracle 11g XE database

Once I needed to empty an Oracle database that was used by several systems, so it was a big mess with tables not needed and a lot of trash. Anyway, here’s a script that will generate a file with drop commands, this is the one that will drop all objects in the database. The good thing […]