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How to convert a String into JSON object in NodeJS

Just a few days ago I needed to do this and I found this useful function. Very simple: var jsonStr = “{“firstName”:”Siry”, “lastName”:”Mazari”}”; console.log(‘JSON String: %s’, jsonStr); var jsonObj = JSON.parse(jsonStr); console.log(‘First Name: %s’, jsonObj.firstName); console.log(‘Last Name: %s’, jsonObj.lastName); The variable jsonStr contains a String representation of a JSON object. The variable jsonObj contains the […]

The day repression ended

Yes, today Feb 21st 2016 I am happy to declare victory over the repression I was living. No more being afraid. One more chain is broken! Great day today!  

How to create panoramas in Lightroom 6

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How to add Archive Version to MANIFEST.MF file with Maven

I was asssigned a task in which I needed to see the version of the war file deployed in the weblogic admin console, it was not being displayed and they wanted to see it, so I had no clue about it, after some research I found that in the MANIFEST.MF file of the WAR file […]

How to increase memory in HP Fortify Audit Workbench 4.10

Today I faced some issue when using Fortify. I was getting something like this: [error]: There is not enough memory available to complete analysis.  For details on making more memory available, please consult the user manual [warning]: There were 2 problems with insufficient memory. Results may be incomplete. Consider allocating more memory. I did look […]

Fireworks July 13th Valbonne France

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How to find strings in files in Linux

Today I needed to search for a specific string in all files inside a SOAP UI project, you just need to execute the following command: grep -rnw “getList” /home/SOAPUI_Proj/ Please notice that the text in italics means that the value is variable. Sources

How to change keyboard layout in CentOS Linux

Today I ran into the problem of installing a virtual machine that has a french keyboard layout.  I have a US keyboard so it’s clear that I needed to change. Here’s how to do it from console. Open the keyboard file for editing vi /etc/sysconfig/keyboard You will see something like this: Change KEYTABLE and LAYOUT […]

World’s Airport Codes

I was looking for code of a specific airport the other day and I thought about posting a list of the airport codes for the U.S.A. and the world. In bold are the top 30 world’s busiest airports in 2012. I hope you find it useful. CITY COUNTRY CODE Aberdeen, SD USA ABR Abilene, TX USA ABI […]