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How to add Archive Version to MANIFEST.MF file with Maven

I was asssigned a task in which I needed to see the version of the war file deployed in the weblogic admin console, it was not being displayed and they wanted to see it, so I had no clue about it, after some research I found that in the MANIFEST.MF file of the WAR file […]

How to find strings in files in Linux

Today I needed to search for a specific string in all files inside a SOAP UI project, you just need to execute the following command: grep -rnw “getList” /home/SOAPUI_Proj/ Please notice that the text in italics means that the value is variable. Sources

How to change keyboard layout in CentOS Linux

Today I ran into the problem of installing a virtual machine that has a french keyboard layout.  I have a US keyboard so it’s clear that I needed to change. Here’s how to do it from console. Open the keyboard file for editing vi /etc/sysconfig/keyboard You will see something like this: Change KEYTABLE and LAYOUT […]

How to empty an Oracle 11g XE database

Once I needed to empty an Oracle database that was used by several systems, so it was a big mess with tables not needed and a lot of trash. Anyway, here’s a script that will generate a file with drop commands, this is the one that will drop all objects in the database. The good thing […]

How to connect to a remote Oracle database

Here is how to connect to a remote Oracle database using SQLPlus: sqlplus user/pass@(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=protocol)(HOST=host)(PORT=port))(CONNECT_DATA=(SID=sid))) Please note that the words in Italics represent variables: user – user name for the remote database pass – password for the remote database protocol – protocol used to connect to remote database, usually TCP host – IP address or hostname of the […]

How to change IP address on CentOS Linux

A few weeks back I needed to change my IP address on a Linux CentOS installed in a VirtualBox machine. Here is how to do it: ifconfig eth0 ifconfig eth0 netmask Sources:

How to get your MAC address in Windows 7

I needed to get mine today, the command is very simple and needs to be executed in a cmd window. Here is how to get the MAC address with the name of the adapter. C:\Users\hecperez>getmac -v You will see something like this:

How to make your own spray paint military stencil

I have a few of this steel ammo boxes to store stuff and recently I came up with the idea of labeling them using military-like stencils, I actually had to create them. Here is how to do it. Download a stencil font, for example Boston Traffic Type the text you want in any size you want […]

How to solve ORA-25188: Cannot drop/disable/defer the primary key constraint for index-organized tables or sorted hash cluster

This time I was trying to reproduce an specific scenario and all of a sudden I was getting ORA-25188 in Tomcat’s console. A quick search on google revealed this method:  Connect as sysdba C:\Users\zulu>sqlplus / as sysdba Run the command, wait for the confirmation message SQL> PURGE DBA_RECYCLEBIN; DBA Recyclebin purged. That’s it, at least […]