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How to Encode / Decode to / from base64 in Node.JS

Today I ran into this basic problem. A quick search on google gave me the answer, I tested it, it worked, and the rest is history. Here is the code. let plainText = “Hello World!”; console.log(“Plaint text = ” + plainText); // Encoding to base64 let base64 = new Buffer(plainText).toString(‘base64’); console.log(“Encoded to base64 = ” […]

How to scan Java files only in HP Fortify Audit Workbench 16.10

Recently I needed to run a Fortify scan on a project with several modules. I was told to scan only Java files (*.java) but with the constraint that this files should not be the ones inside test directories (*\test\*) After doing some research and reading the documentation I came up with the following command: “-b” […]

World’s Airport Codes

I was looking for code of a specific airport the other day and I thought about posting a list of the airport codes for the U.S.A. and the world. In bold are the top 30 world’s busiest airports in 2012. I hope you find it useful. CITY COUNTRY CODE Aberdeen, SD USA ABR Abilene, TX USA ABI […]