Recently I needed to run a Fortify scan on a project with several modules. I was told to scan only Java files (*.java) but with the constraint that this files should not be the ones inside test directories (*\test\*) After doing some research and reading the documentation I came up with the following command: […] Just a few days ago I needed to do this and I found this useful function. Very simple: var jsonStr = “{“firstName”:”Siry”, “lastName”:”Mazari”}”; console.log(‘JSON String: %s’, jsonStr); var jsonObj = JSON.parse(jsonStr); console.log(‘First Name: %s’, jsonObj.firstName); console.log(‘Last Name: %s’, jsonObj.lastName); The variable jsonStr contains a String representation of a JSON object. The variable jsonObj contains […]

Yes, today Feb 21st 2016 I am happy to declare victory over the repression I was living. No more being afraid. One more chain is broken! Great day today! Well finally! Adobe included the option to create image panoramas in Lightroom 6! Thanks Adobe! This is very straight forward, here is a simple tutorial on how to do it. In Lightroom, select the images that form your panorama. Right click on any of them and go to Photo Merge -> Panorama… (or simply […] I was asssigned a task in which I needed to see the version of the war file deployed in the weblogic admin console, it was not being displayed and they wanted to see it, so I had no clue about it, after some research I found that in the MANIFEST.MF file of the WAR […] Today I faced some issue when using Fortify. I was getting something like this: [error]: There is not enough memory available to complete analysis.  For details on making more memory available, please consult the user manual [warning]: There were 2 problems with insufficient memory. Results may be incomplete. Consider allocating more memory. I did […] Today I needed to search for a specific string in all files inside a SOAP UI project, you just need to execute the following command: grep -rnw “getList” /home/SOAPUI_Proj/ Please notice that the text in italics means that the value is variable. Sources Today I ran into the problem of installing a virtual machine that has a french keyboard layout.  I have a US keyboard so it’s clear that I needed to change. Here’s how to do it from console. Open the keyboard file for editing vi /etc/sysconfig/keyboard You will see something like this: Change KEYTABLE and […] I was looking for code of a specific airport the other day and I thought about posting a list of the airport codes for the U.S.A. and the world. In bold are the top 30 world’s busiest airports in 2012. I hope you find it useful. CITY COUNTRY CODE Aberdeen, SD USA ABR Abilene, TX USA […]